I Have The Best Co-Workers

Yes, today it are mah birfday!


Whereas I was hoping to slink by quietly and hoping nobody would notice, in today’s world of social media and hyper-connectivity, people are given nifty little reminders that “HEY, LISTEN!” it’s mah birfday!

Thus, the flood of birthday wishes come washing over me like a tide of fire ants hell bent on destroying everything in it’s path.

I mean, I have great friends! :D

But I have really, really awesome coworkers. My coworker Richard posted on one of our internal P2s a happy birthday wish with these two videos attached (because he couldn’t decide which one was better):


I can’t decide either – they’re PERFECT!! Made my birthday morning start off on the right foot. A twisted, hilarious foot!

Want to work with these awesome people? We are hiring!

Dear Jerkwad Companies

We’ve been receiving both the Crate and Barrel and CB2 catalogs in the mail for some time now. However, we get two of each catalog: one addressed to me, one to my husband (why I have no clue).

WTFcrateandbarrelSo when one arrives, I recycle one of the copies, flip through the other, then recycle it when I’m done. I feel bad for doing so, but I love catalogs! But I feel even worse that I’m getting multiple copies of the same catalog.

Today I saw a tweet from Crate and Barrel responding to someone who received 14 copies of the latest catalog, my memory was jogged and I sent my own inquiry as to how to stop my catalog duplication!

They said that I could stop the catalog deliveries by filling out a form on their website


Just one problem.

Look at the screenshot of the form to the right.

See that little checkbox that says “In addition to mailing me your catalogs, please also send me sale notices by mail.”

Notice how it’s unchecked?

I filled out said form and left that damn box unchecked.

I submitted the form, with the box unchecked.

Can you guess what happened next?

From my email inbox:


You motherfuc….


Dear Jerkwads:

If I specifically opt-out of (or in this case not opting-in) receiving your promotional emails, then by gawd you better not send me any fucking emails. Nothing makes me want to never buy another thing from you again like sending me emails that I distinctly did not ask for.


Ok, whining over. Also, last day of Christmas vacation for me…better make it count. :)

Bah Humbug.

I’m not a big lover of Christmas.

You can probably blame that on working in retail for many years. Nothing sucks the joy of the holiday season when you see people acting like assholes and trying to one up each other in terms of gift giving. Don’t even get me started about the day after Christmas Beyond Thunderdome Return Fest…that still gives me hives. Because of this, this is how I’ve viewed Christmas for most of my adult life:


My family, thank goodness, gave up exchanging gifts a long time ago. For us, the holiday is all about getting together as a family. This year, it’s even more important since Mom is still going through chemotherapy for breast cancer. She’s doing great, but we’re still in the unknown, “what is going to happen now?” phase of her treatment. Makes me want to get together and spend time more time with my family.

With my in-laws, I think we finally convinced them that we don’t want gifts this year. We live halfway across the country from them and all we do is create a list of stuff we want off Amazon and they buy the stuff. Merry Christmas? I’d rather not have the items, if that’s all that’s involved. Besides, we have everything we want anyway!

This year, I decided to go pick up more Christmas decorations. The meager amount I had worked well when I lived in a 900 sq/ft townhouse, but now that we live in a big three bedroom house, what I have looked sad when I decorated last year. Thus, I went out and bought a 7.5 foot tree, decorations, and other adorable decorations (those birds! *squee*):

While I’m still not big on the whole “gift giving” part of the holiday, I am participating in my work Secret Santa exchange, which is proving to be interesting! I also enjoy the added sparkle of the Christmas lights and the decorations sprinkled throughout the house.

Perhaps my cold, black Christmas heart is finally thawing out? Who knows. But for the first time in a long time, I’m kinda enjoying the season.

I’m still not sending out Christmas cards, though… :)