Cancer Update

Thanks for all the kind words and support from my last post about Mom’s cancer diagnosis.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written an update on Mom and how she’s doing. She recovered from the surgery like a champ. Still super-positive and determined to kick this cancer in the ass.

She had to have more tests, namely a CT scan and a EKG test. The CT scan was to look for any other cancer in her body. The EKG was to test the strength of her heart to determine the strength of chemotherapy and radiation she will need to undergo.

The CT scan came back clean; this means the surgery got all the cancer! What a relief! In fact, I’m pretty sure I looked like this:


Then I was all like:


Seriously, that was the greatest news we could’ve hoped for. While she does need to have chemo and radiation, she doesn’t need to go through a long, powerful course of treatment. The EKG came back with flying colors so she could’ve done the most aggressive treatment if need be, but with the clean CT scan that wouldn’t be necessary.

She starts chemo the day after Labor Day. This weekend I’m having the entire family up to my house for a cookout and to spend one last weekend of normalcy before Mom jumps into chemo treatments.

I’m still a bit scared for her, because who knows how she’ll react to the treatments, but having the surgery take care of the cancer was a huge weight off our collective shoulders.

Things are looking up!

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