I Have The Best Co-Workers

Yes, today it are mah birfday!


Whereas I was hoping to slink by quietly and hoping nobody would notice, in today’s world of social media and hyper-connectivity, people are given nifty little reminders that “HEY, LISTEN!” it’s mah birfday!

Thus, the flood of birthday wishes come washing over me like a tide of fire ants hell bent on destroying everything in it’s path.

I mean, I have great friends! 😀

But I have really, really awesome coworkers. My coworker Richard posted on one of our internal P2s a happy birthday wish with these two videos attached (because he couldn’t decide which one was better):


I can’t decide either – they’re PERFECT!! Made my birthday morning start off on the right foot. A twisted, hilarious foot!

Want to work with these awesome people? We are hiring!

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