WordCamp Minneapolis

Today I gave my talk at WordCamp Minneapolis! My topic was about the right way and the wrong way to ask for help with your WordPress problems. However, I tried to inject a bit of humor into my slides…



I even got the hearty laugh I was looking for with the GI Joe slide. YO JOE!

It’s great talking to “my people” – the dumb nerdy jokes I say are understood and appreciated! I also was pretty proud with myself for not saying “fuck” anytime during my presentation. I think “batshit crazy” and “asshole” were the worst offenders, language-wise. #winning

Having a great time meeting new people and seeing old friends today. Looking forward to the afterparty at WestWerk tonight too.

WordCamps are amazing!!

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  1. Replying to blog post subjects where appropriate — figures. I miss WordCamp in 2014 when there’s prime opportunity to heckle. (I kid, I kid.)

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